About Us

  Form Figure is a premium shapewear company that strives to give customers the best experience possible by delivering exceptional quality and unmatched customer service. Imagine walking through life with a bold confident attitude. Imagine having the figure you always wanted. Form Figure exists to transform these ideas into your new reality. While other brands are focused on selling products, Form Figure is built on the premise that shapewear should be more than a product and should be treated as a service that puts customers first.

  Born out of years of experience in high-end retail, Form Figure possesses a deep understanding of quality and the needs of women who want the best in life. With a customer-centered approach, Form Figure provides only the highest quality products and top-tier service. Customers not only love the clothes but also the relationship with a company that genuinely cares. Form Figure takes pride in creating an experience that brings superior quality products together with outstanding customer service and loyalty—an experience that customers new and old can rely on for years to come!